Baseball Hitting League Jan 11- Feb 21

Hitting leagueWhat are Indoor Hitting Leagues?
The Lead Off Baseball Academy Indoor Hitting Leagues are a great way to have fun and stay competitive during the off-season! Our leagues consist of teams of 4 players that compete against each other in 7 innings/ 45 minute games (whichever comes first). Each player gets 6 swings per inning. The goal is to hit balls at targets in the cage to score points. Points are also given based on a ground ball, line drive, pop fly, etc.  The team w/ the highest point total after 7 innings wins.  Each team will receive one warm up inning prior to the start of the game.
Click here for complete rules.

​How do I get a team together and sign up?
Find 4 players that are interested in competing on a team together, fill out registration forms for each player online, or call us at 615-306-5865 to register for the upcoming season. Click Here for Online Registration Form

When is the league and how long is the season?
Each season lasts about 5 weeks which consists of a 4 week regular season followed by a 1 week league tournament for qualifying teams. Game times are scheduled by the teams at our scheduling meeting prior to the start of the league. This avoids scheduling conflicts.